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Fresh Cow Program

The Van Beek Natural Science Fresh Cow Program
delivers a high concentration of vitamins and minerals needed for reproductive health and to maintain the immune system. Direct fed microbials, enzymes, yeast, and electrolytes in the program are key to rumen health.  Bio-available calcium and magnesium act as a buffer so that nutrients are better utilized from feed. Vitamin B12 may help to promote optimum feed intake.

Two Programs are available to help keep your cows healthy and producing at peak levels.

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Products in the Program:

BoviDrops contain high levels of vitamins A, D, and E necessary during breeding, before and during calving, transition, and other times of stress. BoviDrops maintain the immune system and reproductive health.

Rumastart capsules provide the cow with the right balance of DFMs, enzymes, yeast, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes for rumen health. Rumastart helps with digestion, and encourages optimum breaking down of feed.

CalCaps provide high levels of calcium magnesium, niacin,  vitamin B12, and Vitamin D3 essential to cows post-calving. The calcium & magnesium in CalCaps provide a buffer so nutrients are better utilized from feed. Cows are often deficient in calcium levels after calving.

Royal Uterine Capsules contains essential oils that help maintain a normal uterine environment for improved reproductive performance post-calving.  The capsules are composed of all-natural ingredients that do not leave behind drug residue and milk withholding is unnecessary. 

Request a brochure detailing the features and benefits of our Fresh Cow Program.