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LickGuard Testimonials

"When my five year old Golden Retriever was put on IV fluids, she chewed through three IV lines. I tried other products as well as an E collar, and they were all ineffective. Finally, I tried LickGuard. After one lick, she never touched the IV line again."

Tina Bratcher, CVT
Animal Medical Center
Lubbock, TX

"LickGuard worked great! I tried it myself so I can really appreciate the bad taste. The smell alone is all it would take to keep anything away!"

Judy Voegel, RVT
St. Joe Vet Clinic
Evansville, IN

"I apply LickGuard to the protective bandage after an IV catheter is placed pre op."

Nancy M. Grzenda, DVM
Animal Clinic Northview
North Ridgeville, OH



DiaGel Dog and Cat

DiaGel Equine

ElimiDerm Testimonials

"ElimiDerm cleared up several very resistant skin conditions. I am very pleased with this product!  We also started using DiaGel, after having tried many diarrhea products. It worked better than any other diarrhea medicine that we tried. On a whole, DaiGel had a 90% success rate and we have been very satisfied. We intend to keep it in stock."

Edna Fredman
Marion, IL



DiaGel Dog and Cat

DiaGel Equine

DiaGel Dog and Cat Testimonials

Care for a Kitten with Diarrhea -- powered by eHow.com

"I own a five doctor practice and we use DiaGel for most of our small animal and equine G.I. cases. I like the product because it is all natural and usually works with only one dose."

Lamar Crossland, DVM
Sunset Canyon Vet Clinic
Dripping Springs, TX

"DiaGel generally eliminates diarrhea in small animals. DiaGel has the best owner satisfaction of any diarrhea products I have used. Many owners will keep a spare tube on hand if their pets have frequent problems with diarrhea. This is the most effective and fastest working diarrhea medication I have used in 37 years of practice!"

William M. Gesel, DVM
Pickerington Animal Hospital
Canal Winchester, OH

"I first used a DiaGel syringe on my own ill kitten, a Sphynx that had severe diarrhea and was resistant to other treatment. It worked very well for my kitten and is a product I will continue to use and recommend."

Donna Eubanks, DVM
West Valley City, UT

"I have used DiaGel for diarrhea at both of my animal hospitals. The product works very well and is well tolerated by my patients."

Charles Greco, DVM
Animal Medical of Centereach
Pinewood Commons Veterinary Hospital
Centereach, NY

"We see a lot of rescue dogs and diarrhea seems to be their #1 problem. DiaGel works awesome."

Luz Piel, DVM
Selma, CA

"I have used DiaGel for four years now. I've only had one case that the product didn't clear 100%. I've only had to administer DiaGel twice on two cases."

Cindy Steeby, VT
Jackdog Animal Health
Grawn, MI

"I find DiaGel quite useful and very effective when used as an aid in controlling diarrhea by killing bacteria in the upper GI tract. In most cases, a one-time dosage firms the stools within 24 hours. Thank you Van Beek Natural Science for this unique product!"

Christine Meredith, VMD
Tarboro Animal Clinic
Tarboro, NC

"I was skeptical until I read all the product information, but impressed by the bactericidal comparisons with standard antibiotics. We see lots of bacterial diarrhea that doesn't respond to 48 hour NPO but does respond immediately to a course of Amoxicillin. I tried DiaGel, and the results were equivalent with one treatment. I feel much more comfortable giving one dose of DiaGel than giving a 7 day course of antibiotics. I do tell the client to follow up with a little plain yogurt. I think Van Beek Natural Science is great!"

Betty L. Stephenson, DVM
Greystone Pet Hospital
Bowling Green, KY

"DiaGel is the most effective anti-diarrheal medication we've used in over 25 years of practice. After dozens of uses, we've never seen it miss!"

Bob Geiger , DVM
Harborview Animal Hospital
Port Clinton, OH

"I have successfully used DiaGel on numerous cats and dogs with chronic diarrhea that had been treated with diet, nutrition, medications, and prescription drugs unsuccessfully. Usually only one treatment is necessary to resolve the problem. Use of the gel has allowed many patients to stop taking long-term antibiotics or other medications. I highly recommend this effective product for the control of diarrhea."

Carolyn Araiza, DVM
Housecalls for Pets
San Jose, CA

"DIAGEL WORKS! I have used it several times. I now have it available whenever I have dogs with possible bacterial infections. Some of my clients have even asked for it after seeing how well it worked with their other dogs."

Harold P. Lapersarde, DVM
Animal Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

"I am convinced this product is a life saver. DiaGel was 100% effective in the cases I treated for diarrhea, even bloody diarrhea. The dog and cat products are equally effective."

Deb D. Nook, DVM.
Schaller Veterinary Clinic
Schaller, IA

"At Last! Products that do exactly what they claim they will . . . . AND MORE!!

DiaGel for both cats and dogs is effective in a single dose and only occasionally requires a second (dose). The swift and curative results makes life for animals (and their owners) recovering from or struggling through chronic and acute-on-chronic bacterial diarrhea considerably more manageable.

Thanks for producing outstanding products made from the finest ingredients."

Barbara Meyers Certified Grief Therapist
Holistic Animal Consulting Centre
Staten Island, NY

"DiaGel is one of the best diarrhea control medicine we ever tried. We had Boston Terrier, Shih Tzu, Miniature Schnauzer pups that couldn't get over diarrhea. We gave them DiaGel and the product worked very well. In several hours there was a difference and the next day they were fine. I am sure it saved the life of several of our puppies. The photo is our grandson, Brandon, with our Boston Terrier pups."

Gary Prince, Dog Breeder
Walhalla, SC

"As a breeder of purebred kittens, it is not uncommon to see cases of unexplained diarrhea in varying degrees despite strict protocols for de-worming and good husbandry. Weaning stress, litter habits, and general immaturity of kittens’ immune systems and digestive systems can cause all sorts of problems with stools. I have found that DiaGel has helped to eliminate my stool problems at weaning time, when kittens intestinal flora are imbalanced, and it has done so effectively in one dose with out repeated administration which could be stressful to the kittens. In addition, DiaGel is also a valuable aide in controlling intestinal imbalances due to female estrus, travel stress, and show stress, when harmful bacteria can easily multiply in the gut. It is a wonderful product that I would highly recommend to breeders and pet owners alike!”

Lori Tollison, Cat Breeder
Mohnton, PA

"I wanted to share my personal story with Van Beek Natural Science because I think this product is amazing! My lab “Harley” had diarrhea for two days. I tried other products, but it was not until I gave him a dose of DiaGel that his diarrhea was gone soon after. I wish I had tried this product first! Not only is one dose a great selling point, but the fact that I had an easy syringe to administer the medication was even better than giving multiple tablet doses. I love this product! Thank you Van Beek Natural Science!

Kristin Baum, Dog Owner & Distributor Rep
Johnstown, PA

"I used the DiaGel on an Abyssinian kitten that had diarrhea as the result of food allergies and a change in diet. The gel worked well and took care of the diarrhea problem."

Michelle Cooney, Cat Owner
Frederick, MD



DiaGel Dog and Cat

DiaGel Equine

DiaGel Equine Testimonials

“On August 6th 2004 about 7:00 P.M. my 5 year old APHA gelding was bitten on the muzzle, his pony companion was bitten on the nose and our German Shepherd was bitten on the left paw by a water moccasin snake. All three had severe reactions and spent three days in the hospital. After several days the pony and dog bounced right back but my gelding was a different story. The vet came to the conclusion that he must have been bitten first and received most of the venom so he was put on Bute, Banamine and SMZ-TMP, an antibiotic for inflammation and infection. The first week after the bite was very scary. He would not eat, he foundered and started having chronic diarrhea, all that while contending with multiple hurricanes!

We tried taking him off feed and feeding just grass hay, probiotic pastes and supplements, Kao-Pec and numerous home remedies and nothing would help. If anything, it seemed to get worse! It was like keeping an elephant in a stall. I’d have to clean his stall four times a day and bathe him every day because the diarrhea was all over him and the smell was awful! What made matters even worse was having to keep him in a stall because of what was going on with his system. It made him photosensitive to the sun and living in Florida there’s a lot sun!

Needless to say I was devastated. There goes my horse’s show career and his dollar value would drop greatly if this problem could not be fixed. A friend of mine saw DiaGel VBG Control Gel for Equine in a magazine and we thought we’d give it a try. We gave him one syringe on October 9th and well within 12 hours we noticed a difference in the stool already and within 24 hours he was almost back to normal! I could not believe the smell was gone! The stool was more normal and there was actual ball formation rather than that of a cow patty. I could not believe my eyes!
On October 20, 2004 we gave him one more dose of DiaGel and I’m happy to say he’s completely back to normal. He’s eating better, his coat is better, and he is definitely back to feeling himself again. I’m happy to report we’re back riding again, something I feared we would never be able to do again!

I am SO GLAD we never gave up trying AND I’m MOST definitely glad we found DiaGel. It has truly been a miracle drug for us and I would recommend it to anyone; in fact when my veterinarian came to examine Bear he was amazed at the results and said if he didn’t see it for himself he
wouldn’t have believed it!

All I can say is THANK-YOU from the bottom of my heart!”

Debbie Edelmann, Show Horse Owner
Odessa, FL

“I was very impressed with the results of the Van Beek Natural Science product, DiaGel for Equine . . . It did exactly what it said it would! My two year old filly had diarrhea and when I gave her one dose of DiaGel, she was better within twelve hours. DiaGel is easy to use in a dosing syringe, there aren't any needles. Just set the dial to the suggested dose and give orally. The gel dissolves quickly without any spilling. I will definitely use DiaGel if the problem ever occurs again.”

Mary Brantsen, Horse Owner
Sioux Center, IA