Perks and Benefits

Time to Travel!
As an added benefit, we want to see you fly, both in your position and literally! We offer travel vouchers for dedication and years of service within our company.

We want to encourage you to stay with the company and believe in the business we've built!

Be Healthy.
We do have NATURAL in our name for a reason. We believe in providing natural, healthy products to the animals we work with.

Why would we treat ourselves any different? We want you to strive for a healthy lifestyle and will even help you do it with our Wellness reimbursement plan. Grab a membership to your local gym, swimming pool or pilates class and we will help you pay for it!

Work-Life Balance
Being a family-owned company, we understand the importance of a work-life balance.

We're extremely flexible when it comes to balancing the two and will work with you when life situations arise.

Plus, we take time to celebrate the wins within our company by coming together for company meals.

Rest and Relaxation
At Van Beek Natural Science, we understand that to excel at work responsibilities, you need to take time away from work to reenergize. 

That is why we offer paid vacation, sick time and holidays to all Van Beek Natural Science employees... who doesn't like a trip to the beach?

You're Covered.
We like to take care of the people who continue to build our brand and our company. We offer competitive coverage including medical, dental, vision, life insurance and a health savings account to employees and their families.

Investing in Our People
Van Beek Natural Science is a family-owned company built by investing in each other, believing in one another and achieving our collective goals.

With that, we believe in supporting your career professional development by giving you the training you need to further your career. We believe in investing in our people, the people that year-after-year have the drive to continue to build this company. This is why we offer retirement options, a 401(k) with an employer match.