Supervised Production Associate

Job Description:

Van Beek Natural Science is a proud leader of effective, all-natural alternatives that promote optimal animal nutrition, wellness, and performance. With more than 30 patents, our team is committed to providing structured processes that ensure quality products. We are a Preferred Supplier and members of the prestigious National Animal Supplement Council.

Work in the production of feed supplements and nutraceuticals under the direct supervision of trained production associates in accordance with company policies, quality assurance certifications and regulatory requirements while maintaining efficiency. “Supervised Labor” will assist with filling and packaging of finished products and perform miscellaneous assigned duties.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. 90% Capsule Room and White Room Production
Work primarily in the Capsule Room and White Room filling, packaging, and labeling powders, capsules, liquids, gels, ointments and creams under the direction of trained Production Associates. Requirements include taking periodic weights of capsules, keeping track of and recording all lot numbers and quantities used in completing work orders, and assisting Production Associates with cleaning equipment in accordance with company GMPs. Maintain overall cleanliness and efficient organization of the production areas.

2. 10% Miscellaneous Assigned Responsibilities
Conduct other duties and functions as requested by management

Must be at least 16 years old
Work Experience
None Required.

Organizational Skills

Job Types
Part-time or Temporary - Flexible Scheduling a possibility
$11.00 to $13.00/hour