Thermocal Neutralizer
Thermocal Neutralizer is a high-grade calcium derived from hot water springs and is naturally reprecipitated. These hot water springs create a unique type of calcium which is soft, white and has a fast reaction time compared to cold water calcium. The springs reach temperatures of 138 degrees which contributes to the unique characteristics of the calcium.

Available Sizes:

50 lb (22.7 kg) Bag, SKU# 606319
Also available in 2,500 lb totes and bulk truck loads.

Directions of Use:

For use in feedlots, barns, pens, and calf hutches. For best results, clean the area and apply Thermocal Neutralizer to the ground (or whitewash) before adding new bedding. Apply 1 lb per 12 square feet. May also be applied to existing bedding.

When mixing Thermocal Neutralizer with water, it should have a paint-like consistency, allowing for longer lasting pH control. Mix at a rate of 50 lbs Thermocal Neutralizer to 5 to 7 gallons of water. When applying Thermocal Neutralizer to wooden hutches a heavy coat will adhere to the wood and not flake off. The coating will extend the life of the wooden hutch. When applying to plastic, cover with a light, even coat for best results. One wooden calf pen 2.5 ft wide x 3 ft high x 8 ft long will require 5 to 7 lbs of Thermocal Neutralizer.

Odor Reduction

Manure Enrichment

Moisture Absorption

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