Van Beek Natural Science is a family owned company, and like the family, the name is Dutch in origin. In English Van Beek can be translated to “From the Brook.” A brook, or a stream, is a body of water which flows naturally through a landscape. As it flows, it spreads nutrients and oxygen through the land. The waterway provides the essential elements of life for the environment to thrive and flourish… creating and maintaining life. Much like the stream organically shapes its surroundings, Van Beek Natural Science looks to nature to lead the direction in providing innovative health solutions.

We believe that nature holds the keys to healthy, productive and meaningful lives, both for animals and their caretakers. Our mission is to discover where nature holds those keys and bring them to the animal health and nutrition markets globally. Leveraging over 35 years of phytogenic experience and innovative scientific research in animal health science, Van Beek focuses on effectively supporting the challenges these animals face. And with the same ambition of the brook, this idea spreads through the relationships forged around proactive nutrition and natural supplements.

This passion and purpose for supporting animal health by utilizing natural ingredients and proactive nutrition that Van Beek Natural Science is built upon is an ideology originally started by President and CEO, Ron Van Beek. He began to build the foundation of Van Beek Natural Science in 1982 with the acquisition of Fandsco Enterprises Incorporated. Ron originally started his career as a representative with Fandsco. Ron Van Beek's passion and attentiveness to his customers needs and the innerworkings of the industry came naturally, and he continued to advance and grow within the company. Eventually, this led to his purchase of the wholesaler of mineral and vitamin premixes, which paved the way for the Van Beek Natural Science that exists today.

Ron grew from an agricultural background, and it wasn’t long before he found himself providing the services of a nutritionist for livestock operations that were looking for advice on proper health and nutrition programs. While working with the producers and their animals, he quickly discovered a large void in the industry. Many of the common problems faced during the daily production lifecycle had no solution, and the products that were available didn’t live up to expectation. Ron’s inquisitive nature drove him to begin researching how he could create the natural alternatives needed to help these operations while better supporting the overall health of these animals. His research led to the search for the best quality ingredients around the world and he began to import herbal extracts and micronized vitamins from Europe in 1984. Now at the forefront of providing innovative natural solutions, Ron’s business continued to grow, and in 1991 it transitioned from Fandsco to Van Beek Scientific. While this business grew, Ron expanded his work as a nutritionist with North American Dairy Consultants, formed in 1992. This business evolved and a team of nutritionists eventually grew into Van Beek Nutrition which was formed in 1997.

After years of consistent growth with producers around the US, sights were expanded. Van Beek Global was created in 1999 with the sole focus of launching a line of natural products for companion animals. In the years following, Van Beek Nutrition expanded into several mill locations around the US, and a mining opportunity was opened up creating Thermocal Minerals of Idaho. This opportunity provided the companies with a unique high-grade calcium derived from warm water deposits.

While many of the changes were happening the successful launch into the companion market spurred on the decision to merge Van Beek Scientific and Van Beek Global under one name. In 2007, Van Beek Natural Science was formed to continue providing natural solutions to help animals, both livestock and companion, live up to their genetic potential with continued growth and expansion with the product lines, both domestically and internationally.