CalviOne is a milk or water additive that supports health energy levels, maintains hydration levels and stimulate appetite to encourage optimum animal health. CalviOne is formulated to maintain the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and support calves through the everyday demands of production life.

Available Sizes:

20 lb Bucket, SKU# 5183157
60 lb Drum, SKU# 518320

Directions for Use:

Mix 4 grams of CalviOne with milk or milk replacer for each feeding. Give from day 2 through weaning. Increased feeding rates are appropriate for certain situations.

Contact your VBNS representative to discuss the feeding directions that are most appropriate to your operation.

Small Scoop=4 grams
Large Scoop=100 grams

Supports Healthy Energy Levels

Maintain Hydration Levels

Stimulates Appetite

Maintains the GI Tract
Synergistic Blend of Essential Oils

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