CalviPro supplies direct-fed microbials, enzymes, vitamins and minerals to support nutritional levels in calves during everyday demands of production life. Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms. CalviPro is soluable in milk or water.

Available Sizes:

10 lb Pail, SKU# 212310
60 lb Drum, SKU# 212320

Directions for Use:

Per calf/Per feeding/Twice daily during the feeding period

Level 1: 2 small scoops-590 million CFUs*/calf/feeding

Level 2: 4 small scoops-1.18 billion CFUs*/calf/feeding

Level 3: 1 lg scoop-2.9 billion CFU*/calf/feeding

Maintains Gut Health

Helps Maintain Healthy Immune System

Stimulates Appetite

Supports Feed Utilization
Direct-fed Microbials




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