Tri-Pectate is a nutritional supplement for beef and dairy calves formulated for maintaining the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It is a natural product that may help maintain the immune system. Tri-Pectate is a convenient, one-time use product for individual calf consumption.

Tri-Pectate may help further when fed during weaning, transporting, environmental changes due to weather and when digestive upsets occur.

Available Sizes:

30 mL Syringe, SKU#531403
50 Count Jar, SKU# 542006
100 Count Jar, SKU# 542008

Directions for Use:

Syringe: Feed 30 ml syringe to calf. May be repeated as necessary.

Capsules: Feed 2 capsules for 1 day. May be repeated as necessary.

Helps to Maintain GI Tract

Supports Proper Digestion

Supports Environment for Good Bacteria

Stimulates Appetite

Supports Healthy Energy Levels
Synergistic Blend of Essential Oils





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