IntegriVIX Cattle Powder and IntegriVIX Cattle Pellet are supplemental feed additives to be used in a complete feed and to support beef and dairy cattle through varied events during the production life cycle.

The phytogenic blend of IntegriVIX Cattle Powder and IntegriVIX Cattle Pellet is designed to encourage optimal health by supporting the integrity of an animals’ microbiome, as well as supporting a healthy appetite and feed utilization.

Available Sizes:

IntegriVIX: Cattle Powder
50 lb Bag, SKU# 632319
700 lb Tote SKU# 632340
1,050 lb Tote, SKU# 632330

IntegriVIX: Cattle Pellet
50 lb Bag, SKU# 631319

Directions for Use:

IntegriVIX: Cattle Powder
Feed between 5 grams and 40 grams per head per day based on age and situation. Contact your VBNS representative to discuss the feeding directions that are most appropriate to your situation. Call 712.737.2958.

IntegriVIX: Cattle Pellet
Preweaned Calves: Feed 1 oz per head per day for at least 7 days. Postweaned Calves, newly arrived feeder cattle, and other Cattle Categories: Feed 2 oz per head per day for 14 days, 1 oz per head per day for 14 days. For situations that require enhanced support, feed 1 oz per 100 lbs for 5 days. Do not exceed 14 days of increased feeding rate. When possible, begin feeding 7 days prior to an expected event like weaning, regrouping, or other environmental conditions. Questions? Contact your VBNS rep at 1-712-737-2958.

Encourages Feed Intake

Supports a healthy microbiome

Supports a healthy immune function

Helps support efficient nutrition

Works with current health protocols
Synergistic Blend of Essential Oils


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