Joint support, like no other before!

A new approach...

InPrime Hip and Joint are dog chews formulated with a breakthrough scientific technology to create a new kind of proactive synovial support to help with everyday mobility in dogs of all sizes.

Available Sizes

60 Count..........SKU #579007
Case of 24 (60 Count)..........SKU#579993

Proactive Synovial Support

Revolutionary new formula that properly supports hip and joint health

Powerful Antioxidant

Helps support dogs through the stress caused by joint discomfort

Great Palatability

Delicious flavor preferred by more dogs

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InPrime can be used in dogs of all sizes. Joint support is most effective when given at early signs showing the need for joint health support. InPrime should be recommended in large breeds, working dogs, and can be offered following surgery to provide effective joint support.